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  • absorbedores acústicos con difusor

    Bass-trap con difusor

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  • absorbedores acústicos con difusor

    Paneles acusticos con difusor

    ¡Nuestros clientes con un número de identificación fiscal de la UE pueden comprar libres de impuestos (-27%)!

    Si paga mediante transferencia bancaria obtendrá un 10% de descuento del precio total

    Desinfección por ozono del panel acústico: ¡no tiene que preocuparse por el coronavirus!

Absorbedores acústicos con difusor:

Es un elemento acústico clásico en el que se instala una placa frontal difusora. Con la ayuda de su placa frontal diseñada sobre cálculos matemáticos precisos Perfect Acoustic puede absorber cierta parte del rango de frecuencia, mientras que también puede reflejar algunas otras frecuencias al mismo tiempo.

Pero, ¿por qué esta característica 2 en 1 es beneficiosa? El panel acústico con difusor absorbe más baja frecuencia – por debajo de 300Hz – pero menos alta frecuencia – por encima de 600Hz – en comparación con los absorbentes de banda ancha. De esa manera se asegura de que las frecuencias altas no serán superamped en la habitación.

Gracias a la placa frontal difusora instalada en el panel acústico, el sonido puede moverse más libremente a través de las ranuras, por lo que también tiene un impacto reflectante y de dispersión.

absorbedores acústicos con difusor

¿De qué tipo de materiales están hechos los paneles acústicos de Perfect Acoustic con difusor?

El marco de madera macizo y resistente está relleno de lana acústica de alta densidad, 90 kg / m3, ya que los graves profundos solo pueden mitigarse adecuadamente con material absorbente fibroso de alta densidad o una membrana.

(Espuma, espuma de poliestireno y espuma acústica no son adecuados para esto) Utilizamos lana acústica no tóxica, la máxima seguridad está garantizada por la cubierta de terciopelo acústico inhibidor de emisión de polvo.

Instalamos en él la placa frontal difusa de madera comprimida diseñada por nosotros. En aras de una instalación más fácil, proporcionamos orificios pretaladrados en la parte posterior de los paneles.

Colores y patrones:

Adaptamos la apariencia de nuestros paneles acústicos a sus ideas y gustos:

– Funda de terciopelo acústico en 15 colores diferentes.
– placas frontales de difusor en varios colores y diferentes patrones fresados La combinación de lo anterior le da la opción de elegir entre docenas de apariencias variables.

Dónde utilizar:

Cualquier tipo de sala donde se necesite tratamiento acústico: en estudios, oficinas, salas de alta fidelidad o home theaters, salas de estar, salas de exposición. No es necesario montar nuestros paneles en la pared, ya que pueden mantenerse estables sobre sus propios pies gracias a su tamaño y peso. De este modo, también pueden funcionar como paneles acústicos móviles.

Multifunctional solution:

Using diffuser acoustic panels, we can experience a harmonious sound. The hard wood structure contains high-density acoustic cotton, which is completely harmless to health and has an extremely effective sound-absorbing ability. Cover with dusting dense acoustic silk against dusting. The diffuser fronts are made of solid hardwood. A wide selection of colours and patterns is available to customers. Diffuser panels combine the functions of sound-absorbing panels and diffusers. They absorb deep sounds and, thanks to the diffuser feature, scatter sounds evenly in space, resulting in clearer acoustics.

If the sizes or characteristics of the room do not allow the installation of separate bass sound-absorbing panels and diffusers, the use of diffuser elements is an ideal choice. Perfect acoustics are achieved with these multifunctional products. You also don’t have to give up on aesthetics when you buy these decorative items, as you can order them in a colour or pattern to suit your unique taste.

Mute the bass:

Optimal acoustics can only be created by attenuating excessive sounds accumulated in excessive amounts, but without damaging sounds in higher ranges. But if over-attenuation occurs, it can significantly degrade the sound. Bass sounds are needed, but balanced proportions must be sought. It effectively attenuates the bass sounds passing through the hardwood front panel by vibrating the lamellas, between 40 and 20,000 Hz.


There are small gaps on the front of the diffuser, through which sounds flow more freely, so they not only reflect them, but also radiate them back in space in a more balanced way. Walls and glass surfaces reflect sounds coming to their surface in one direction, creating disturbing echoes. Diffusers are able to scatter sounds at different angles in all directions, breaking down sound energy into smaller parts. They cover the entire bandwidth, thus avoiding rattle echoes, the problem of reverberation, and the formation of standing waves.

Room acoustics design

The appropriate placement points for the panels can be determined most reliably by online and on-site acoustic measurements. All our products are made from premium quality raw materials, by hand, we are constantly testing them. Diffuser panels can be easily attached to a wall or ceiling, their backs have pre-drilled holes, but they can also be requested with folding legs, so they can even be placed on the floor. Essential elements for home theaters, sound recording studios or offices to optimize acoustics. It is very important that the sound is recorded in a studio with good acoustics, otherwise the soundtrack listened to afterwards in another room may sound completely different, ruining the enjoyment of the music! In offices, the noise-reducing properties of the elements are more prevalent. While working, our performance and mood are extremely strongly affected by the noise of our environment. Unpleasant noises can even cause headaches.

By combining sound-absorbing and scattering properties, the surround sound really improves significantly! Pine wood frame is one of the most effective sound absorbing materials. Do not use absolutely unsuitable materials for acoustic purposes if you want to achieve a flawless result. Styrofoam, plastic sponges or egg boxes are among these materials. Every customer can be maximally satisfied with Perfect Acoustic’s products. Our acoustic elements, carefully designed and prepared on the basis of mathematical calculations, always perform in accordance with the requirements. Their sophisticated and attractive design allows them to fit the style of any room. Our company offers two types of diffuser acoustic elements: the acoustic panel with diffuser, and the diffuser bass trap, corner element. The latter product is specifically recommended for the treatment of corners, as the deep sound is collected in the corners in the largest amount.